Interaction Essentials: 3 Proven Strategies to Remove Communication Barriers

Interaction Essentials: 3 Proven Strategies to Remove Communication Barriers

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Author: Linda Berens

ISBN: 0979868483

Number Of Pages: 206

Publisher: Radiance House

Release Date: 2011-09-27

Details: The theme of Interaction Essentials, 3 Strategies to Remove Communication Barriers is self-leadership and conscious communication—skills needed in the workplace as well as in life. People recognize that we are all different, yet they often forget to honor those differences in themselves and others. They need useful, easy to remember frameworks for describing those differences. This book provides such a framework and helps the reader learn more about themselves and others as well as things to do to make a difference in their interactions with others. The book is based on a very powerful personality style model, Berens Interaction Styles, with relevance for business and anyone who wants better communication and more effective relationships. Berens Interaction Styles has a solid theoretical and action research background and has been used in organizations around the world with thousands. The book begins with an overview of the importance of interacting and relationships to individual well being, personal life, and workplace functioning. It also includes an overview of the three strategies, Know Yourself, Make Space, and Shift. In the chapters covering the First Strategy the reader is taken through a self-discovery process to better know himself or herself using the Berens Interaction Styles model. Data points are collected to help narrow down the selection of a ‘best-fit style.’ The reader is truly engaged in the process and can freely select among descriptions written in the first person based on interviews with people of each style. These and the other typology descriptions in the book have been used around the world for over 10 years. In the chapters covering the Second Strategy the reader explores how to make space for herself or himself as well as others. In these chapters, the book covers self-leadership, stress and recognizing the patterns in others. It also covers ways to accommodate the styles of others through actions. The chapters on the Third Strategy focus on how to actively shift verbal and non-verbal communications to build rapport. The Stages of an Interaction are explored through the lens of each Interaction Style so the reader can readily see what to change in their communications in order to relate better with styles different than their own. The last two chapters focus on putting the three essentials into action in the workplace and with family and friends. Topics covered include decision-making, management, conflict, teamwork, parenting, and life decisions. Appendix A is a Self-Discovery tracking sheet that can be used by the reader to aid the self-discovery process. Appendix B includes first person and third person type descriptions from the popular workbook, Sixteen Personality Types; Descriptions for Self-Discovery by Linda Berens and Dario Nardi to aid in the self-discovery process. Appendix C provides the historical basis for the model and relationships to other models of personality type.

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